A curious designer searching for simple but yet detailed solutions. I strive to create visual balance in a chaotic world.

Currently working as a designer at Vitamin Well.

b. 1990
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Vitamin Well is a Swedish company that produces, markets, and sells beverages enriched with vitamins and minerals. Founded in 2008 and is now a beverage that can be found in most stores.

As a designer at Vitamin Well, I tackle a range of projects, from packaging design and branding to visually planning campaigns and activations. Additionally, also designing send out boxes and merchandise for our ambassador. Highlights from 2023 include designing a magazine for the launch of Vitamin Well Prepare and a pop-up shop.  

Year: 2022 – 


Vitamin Well Pop-Up 2023
Vitamin Well Pop-Up 2023
Vitamin Well Pop-Up 2023
Munich Marathon T-shirt


Barebells stands as Sweden's leading protein bar manufacturer, now expanding its presence across Europe and USA.

As a designer at Barebells, my role involves developing packaging for new product launches and defining our visual identity for that specific campaign. Once that is established, I design and create send outs, content for our social media channels, alongside essential point-of-sale materials. 

Year: 2022 –


Smiling sets the standard in the dried fruit and nut industry by prioritizing environmental care and fair labor practices, highlighting the unnecessary compromises of larger producers.

My role involves generating social media content, designing send outs and posters, contributing to Smilings brand's visibility and growth.

Year: 2022 – 

Mango Mayniac Posters
Christmas Sendout
Christmas Sendout Card & Stickers


Kry is a private Swedish healthcare company that provides medical and psychological care through physical clinics and digitally via mobile applications.

Throughout my role as a Designer at Kry's Global Creative Team, I worked alongside Art Directors and Creative Leads to produce a wide variety of designs. 
     My projects included creating illustrations, informative pamphlets, eye-catching bus artwork, comprehensive internal documents and stickers. This work required a blend of precision and creativity, aiming to effectively communicate messages and enhance brand visibility.

Year: 2020 – 2022


Clinic Skinz, a laser and injection treatment clinic based in Kungsbacka, Sweden. 

Emma Enblom and I got the opportunitie to create their brand identity. This endeavor allowed us to translate the clinic's foundational values of quality, dependability, and professionalism into a cohesive visual language. Our contributions spanned the creation of a distinctive logo, typography set, color palette, imagery style, encapsulating the essence of Clinic Skinz in every design element.

Team: Emma Enblom
Year: 2020


Artipelag is a cultural center located in the archipelago of Stockholm. They offer a unique interaction between nature, culture and architecture.

As graduation project at Brobygrafiska, my team and I embarked on a journey to reimagine the identity of Artipelag. 

The new identity is inspired by the harmonious archipelago, the dynamics of their architecture and the authentic art. The new identity aims to encapsulate this unique confluence, reflecting the essence of Artipelag in every aspect.

Team: Emma Enblom, Hampus Hägelstam, Filip Hjert
Year: 2020

Exhibition Catalogue
Exhibition Catalogue
Exhibition Catalogue
Exhibition Catalogue
Exhibition Catalogue
Business card
Gift card
Website – Desktop

Website – Desktop

Website – Mobile


36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet.
In this challenge, I delved into the creative depths of letterforms, committing to design a new letter or number each day for 36 consecutive days. This endeavor was a personal journey of exploration, where I pushed myself to discover a fresh form and perspective on how each character could be envisioned, exploring the boundaries of design and creativity.

Year: 2022